About Us

The best stories are love stories...don't you think?  Well, Merrill Mischief is a love story of the best kind.  We love creating a place where memories are made and revisited.  

We love seeing the delighted faces of our customers, young and old when they look up and see the train chugging around the ceiling.  We love seeing the familiar faces who come in for their weekly treat.  Good grades, good behavior, birthdays, milestones, first dates, anniversaries...we love that Merrill Mischief plays a part in all these memorable life happenings.

And, we love working together.  No, really we do!  Choosing the candy, changing up the store front windows, nights making fudge at the store, adding to our store collection of Christmas ornaments, we enjoy all of those things that come with owning Merrill Mischief.  Our dream was to find a way to do the things we love and to do them together.

With every visit to our website or our sweets shop in Downtown Morganton, NC you are making our dream come true, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Have a sweet day!

Craig and Sarah