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In The News

The News Herald

We are very honored to have won a Downtown Distinguished Community Award!

(To view entire article, click link above.)

Merrill Mischief is a retail store located at 105 E. Union St. specializing in Christmas decorations, according to a previous News Herald article. Owners Craig and Sarah Merrill also sell a variety of confections, including their Grandma Kate’s fudge, made fresh onsite.

“Merrill Mischief has wowed downtown Morganton with their always delicious candy-coated windows,” Goodfellow said. “They are attractive, inviting, always season inspired and extremely unique. I once saw Nerd candy boxes riding on a Ferris wheel. I imagine Craig and Sarah’s sweet displays would even impress the likes of Willy Wonka!”

The store, named after the couple’s Etsy shop, opened last summer. Craig said they decorate their front windows and store displays to create a fun experience for visitors.

“It means a lot to us that the people voted for us,” Sarah said. “We work a lot on our windows, so we were pretty excited that people are noticing them.”

Spectrum News Channel 1

Eating N.C. — Some people say they don't like fudge, until they try Merrill Mischief Fudge


link to article/video

MORGANTON, N.C. — Why would a couple from Vermont choose the small town of Morganton in the Foothills of North Carolina to move to and open a downtown store? "Because we fell in love with the town within a few hours of visiting," Sarah Merrill said. 

Sarah and Craig Merrill opened Merrill Mischief, a candy and Christmas store in downtown Morganton, last year. 

Craig and Sarah Merrill moved to Morganton, N.C. from Vermont a few years ago and opened Merrill Mischief, a candy and Christmas store where Craig Merrill makes homemade fudge 

The couple who previously lived in Vermont said their children were all grown up, and when they became empty nesters, they began to look around for a new place to call home. 

"We came here on Tony, my brother Tony’s, suggestion and we fell in love with the place immediately, like literally within the first four, five hours," said Sarah Merrill. 

Sarah Merrill is an artist, and her husband Craig Merrill made fudge back in Vermont. 

“Why fudge? Fudge is happy. I mean, why not fudge? Everybody that tries fudge it always puts a smile on their face,” Craig Merrill said. He arrives at the store around 8 a.m. and creates the concoctions. He usually has around 18 different flavors. 

“I have a lot of customers that say, ‘Hey, I don’t like fudge.’ And I say, ‘Well, have you tried my fudge?’ And they end up trying it, you know, like my apple pie or pumpkin pie, and they’re hooked!” Craig Merrill said.

Hands down the BEST fudge I've ever had!!

Scott S. - Hickory, NC

Really cute candy store with fudge counter at the back. Some retro items and some new stuff. Care to get yourself a chocolate Snitch? They've got them. Super friendly staff.

Vikki M. Asheville, NC

A wonderland of confectionary perfection! My favorite place to take the kids for a treat. I stop in every time I visit Morganton. The store front window displays are AMAZING!!

Jean B. Fredricksburg, VA


Should I refrigerate my fudge?

Refrigerating your fudge will dry it out. Instead, we suggest you freeze fudge in an air tight container for up to 4 months or leave loosly wrapped in the box on your counter for up to two weeks.

I saw something in your Morganton store, but don't see it available on the website. Can I still order it?

Of course! You can either call our store at 828-475-4975, or contact us by logging into the website and sending a customer message.